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Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel - Porto Seguro - Bahia

Just four kilometers from the airport and 1.4 km from Porto Seguro city center, Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel offers a very high quality service to its guests. As the first hotel built on the edge of Curuípe Beach, Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel has a great view of the sea, as it has no beach stalls in front of you - unforgettable experience and view for any visitor who wants to fall in love with Porto Seguro And by the Coast of Discovery on the coast of Bahia.

  • Localizado na Praia de Curuipe o Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel conta com Aptos Com Varanda com Vista do Mar - O Melhor Hotel de Porto Seguro

In addition to the proximity to important points of the city's infrastructure, Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is also just a few meters away from several restaurants, bars and beach stalls that shake the day and night life of Porto Seguro. In this article you will learn a little more about the structure, advantages and experiences that Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel, the best of the waterfront of Porto Seguro, can offer.

Why Quinta do Sol?

Do you want to know where the name of our company came from? The story goes back to Portugal, considering the whole history of Porto Seguro, the discovery and the five centuries of great events that our coastal city has passed - hence the name Quinta do Sol has Portuguese origin.

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Did you know that in European Portuguese the word "Quinta" means rest rest home, a place to spend the weekend or even a place to relax and forget about all the problems of everyday life? As this is exactly the proposal of our hotel - offer the best services so that our guests relax and forget the stress of their routines - we think the name Quinta do Sol would be quite adequate.

The sun shines in Porto Seguro all year round, and this is no secret to anyone. We believe that tourists visiting the Discovery Coast and the region of Porto Seguro are willing to enjoy and enjoy all the energy and life that the sun brings during all seasons of the year, especially in the summer. Although, of course, at night there is no sun, all the energy of Porto Seguro is also reflected in a bustling and lively nightlife, so the sun certainly could not be out of the name of the best hotel on the edge of Porto Seguro.

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And the beach? It would also be impossible to leave the beach outside our company's brand, after all, the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is on the waterfront, exactly on the sea front of Curuípe Beach. And believe me, the view from our windows and balconies to the sea is unforgettable as we were the first hotel to be built in the area and we have the privilege of having no booth or anything between our guests and the beautiful sea view.

  • Duplo Deluxe - Varanda (2)

So, we think of a name that can summarize the whole experience and the proposal that reflects the work of our hotel: a place to relax and forget the world; A place where the sun shines from January to January; An oceanfront place with an unforgettable view and a top-notch hosting company that offers excellent services. Considering all this, there are no doubts: Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel.

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What is our rating?

The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is rated four stars, therefore, a superior category of hotel service.Do you know how the star rating system works? Then follows a brief summary of what a four-star hotel needs to have, according to the Brazilian System of Classification of Means of Lodging (SBClass), the Ministry of Tourism.

A superior four star hotel must contain at least: 24 hour reception, change of bed and bath linen every day, breakfast, bar and restaurant with room service, Cable TV, internet and minibar, air conditioning And parking.

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  • A Melhor Localização de Porto Seguro - Perto do Centro , Aeroporto e das Praias de Porto Seguro , Tudo isso de Frente ao Mar . Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel - O Melhor Hotel de Porto Seguro

Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is located on Avenida Beira-Mar, 1674, on Curuípe Beach, Porto Seguro-Bahia. More precisely, at the geographic coordinates 16 ° 25'36.1 "S and 39 ° 03'34.5" W. You may not be from Porto Seguro, or you do not know the geographic coordinates in detail, so let's explain how good is the location of the best hotel in Porto Seguro.

The Quinta da Sol Praia Hotel is only about four kilometers from Porto Seguro International Airport (BPS). In this airport there are six airlines, four Brazilian and two foreign, bringing more than one million passengers to the city every year. In addition, our hotel is also close to the city center, about a mile and a half - there tourists can count on a multitude of products, services, sights and amusements of various types whether during the day or at night.

How far is the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel to the most important points of Porto Seguro? Click here and find out!

Do not you want to go far? No problem! The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is on Avenida Beira-Mar, so when you walk along the edge of Curuípe Beach, guests will have access to a number of cabins, bars and other beach services that are only 300 or 400 meters away - remember that it is always possible to use the hotel's various food services, all of the highest quality. We have the best location on the waterfront of Porto Seguro, Bahia. Click here to learn more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel

The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel offers a series of differentials so that guests can always count on the best service and the best lodging experience on the edge of Porto Seguro. In this topic we will show some of them and prove what they say the guests who so well evaluate us in tourist information systems like and Trip Advisor.

  • Jantar Romântico

Unparalleled coziness : No other big hotel in Porto Seguro has the same warmth, the mild and cozy climate that Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel can offer.

  • Duplo Deluxe (7)

Unforgettable view : Whoever stays in the oceanfront suites will certainly not forget the beautiful view you will get from your balcony. There are no beach huts in front of our hotel, so the view of the ocean is complete and total!

  • Duplo Deluxe

Hygiene : Cleanliness is one of the priorities and is a trademark of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel - rooms, clothes, corridors and other facilities are always clean.

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Advantages : Exclusive discounts on sightseeing tours for loyalty program customers.

  • Localizado na Praia de Curuipe o Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel conta com Aptos Com Varanda com Vista do Mar - O Melhor Hotel de Porto Seguro

Location : Close to the airport, downtown, the beach and many other strategic places of Porto Seguro.

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Comfort and coziness : Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel does not work with excursions. This means that the atmosphere of the hotel is extremely calm, quiet, undisturbed, warm and extremely welcoming.

  • Recepção - Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel

Attend a few to suit very well : Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel has only 50 apartments. In this way, we guarantee the best service and integral assistance for all our guests.

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Rating and feedback : it is considered by many and classified on SBClass as one of the best hotels in Porto Seguro, Bahia.

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Services offered : Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel offers laundry services for its guests; Private parking, 24-hour front desk; Bar, restaurant and room service; Steam room and playground.


The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel has six room types to offer its guests in two categories: Standard and Deluxe. In the Standard category we offer double, triple and family rooms as well as deluxe rooms with double, triple and family rooms. Click here and see all the details of each type of suite Quinta do Sol can offer.


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Exclusive Discounts

Guests of the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel have more facilities to book and schedule their tours around the region of Porto Seguro, with exclusive agents inside the hotel. Click here to know more about discounts on tours.

Pirate's Bar

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The Pirata Restaurant and Bar offers a high quality gastronomy at all hours of the day. In the morning, a delicious breakfast highly praised by all guests. In the evening and in the evenings, the Bar serves incredible drinks and meals to make your guests much more comfortable with the option of room service. Click here to learn more.