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Localizado na Praia de Curuipe o Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel conta com Aptos Com Varanda com Vista do Mar - O Melhor Hotel de Porto Seguro


Learn about the reasons that make Quinta do Sol, the best located hotel in Porto Seguro

  • Localizado na Praia de Curuipe o Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel conta com Aptos Com Varanda com Vista do Mar - O Melhor Hotel de Porto Seguro

If you want to make the most of your stay in the incredible city of Porto Seguro, Bahia, Hotel Quinta do Sol is the best option available in the region. In addition to a distinct and impeccable service, a mouth-watering breakfast and a plethora of advantages for recurrent and new guests. Quinta do Sol is known for being the best located hotel in all of Porto Seguro, you can check it out.

  • Café da Manha - Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel - Porto Seguro - BA
  • Café da Manha - Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel - Porto Seguro - BA

It is no wonder that more and more people have opted to choose Quinta do Sol as their second home in Porto Seguro. The hotel also has a tour agency that makes incredible tours and makes it possible to get to know all the corners of the city and its surroundings, to discover a little more about the history of Brazil and all the beauties that exist.

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This makes the life of the tourist even more pleasant, since the strategic point of Quinta do Sol provides you with quick access, in all places that attract visitors in the city without any difficulty. The hotel also offers transfers to and from the airport, increasing your convenience.

For those who want to return always, Quinta do Sol also has a special loyalty club, making it possible to make the most of everything he and the city have to offer. Which, in turn, is very interesting and still guarantees that each visit to Bahia will be even more different and special. And of special moments the Quinta do Sol understands.

After all, it is the first hotel on the edge of Porto Seguro, thus ensuring the best possible view and the greatest contact with this beautiful and charming city. But the advantages of its great location do not stop there. The Quinta do Sol is also a hotel near the airport of Porto Seguro, which allows an easy and quiet access for those who visit the city by plane and enjoy practicality.

And it's really close, only 2km away, which makes it the hotel near Porto Seguro airport with the best infrastructure and the best service possible. We offer guests direct transfer from the hotel and help us find the best means of transportation. For more information, please contact our team.

Quinta do Sol Hotel: Designed for you and made to have the best possible experience

It is easy to see that at Quinta do Sol Hotel everything was thought to guarantee the best for all guests. The attention to detail, attention to guest service, vast food options, rooms tailored to the needs and a highly trained staff, catering to the most diverse tastes.

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But without a doubt, the strategy location of the Quinta do Sol hotel is one of the points that most distinguish it from the competition and have made it a true reference in its region. The Quinta do Sol Hotel is close to the airport, in a safe and beautiful area and yet providing easy access to sights, of course, the beach and downtown.

  • A Melhor Localização de Porto Seguro - Perto do Centro , Aeroporto e das Praias de Porto Seguro , Tudo isso de Frente ao Mar . Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel - O Melhor Hotel de Porto Seguro

Therefore, it is frequented by people of all ages and motives, such as couples who want to enjoy a special weekend or an extended holiday, groups of friends who want to enjoy all the attractions of Porto Seguro and also by families Including children and the elderly, who find comfort in the hotel and the possibility of enjoying what they want and when they want.

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Want to know more about everything you can know just a few minutes away from Quinta do Sol? Then see below all the reasons that make this hotel the smartest option in all of Porto Seguro. And enjoy the tips to get started planning your days and who you love in this city. We're sure you'll want to get back here as soon as possible.

Hotel Quinta do Sol has the best location for those who want to make the most of Porto Seguro

The Quinta do Sol Hotel is close to everything that interests tourists who like to enjoy every second. At the same time, it also guarantees peace and quiet at the time of rest for those who love to relax and get well.

This is possible because, even being a hotel on the waterfront of Porto Seguro, it is not near any beach tent, where every night there are concerts, shows and attractions that gather many people and can even disturb a quiet night of sleep of those who Likes to sleep well Perfect for those planning to have their days full of activities, like to visit all the possible sights and sleep well to face the next day.

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But that is not why people staying here is far from leisure and entertainment. Only if you want. Quinta do Sol is a Hotel next to Toa Toa in Porto Seguro, a complete leisure complex that appeals to people of all ages and styles.

At Toa a Toa you can find several bars, stages for shows, DJs playing the greatest hits at all times, special restaurants and still have options for those who do not give up health and want to play sports and physical activities even on vacation.

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It is also a Hotel near Axé Moi in Porto Seguro, another must for anyone who wants to have fun. Ever heard of Ax Moi? From there you can enjoy the typical foods of the region, enjoy the best Bahian music and enjoy the beauty of the sea on a beautiful beach with warm water. Unmissable.

That is, only opting for the Quinta do Sol Hotel is that you have the best of fun and tranquility in one place. Perfect for those traveling to enjoy a romantic weekend or vacation with the whole family. Want more?

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Quinta do Sol is the best hotel in Porto Seguro facing the beach. This means that here you do not only have a hotel tent in the sand, but with just a few steps you can make the most of the sea and the sun of Bahia without having to worry about anything. Then just shake the sand, and go back to the room to plan the next ride. That simple.

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It is also the only hotel in Porto Seguro facing the sea, with a wonderful and breathtaking view. That is, here at Quinta do Sol you will not get a view of the quina or cantinho, with that little piece of distant blue.

With room options with balcony, you will be able to wake up, open the window, and have before your eyes one of the most wonderful views possible from the edge of Porto Seguro. A real invitation to go out, enjoy the day in every second and come back at the end of the day to have a quiet and comfortable evening in a accommodation specially chosen by you.

Breakfast at the Quinta do Sol Hotel, known as one of the city's delights, is also an attraction apart, since the whole restaurant has a panoramic view of the sea of ​​Porto Seguro, guaranteeing all the guests a start of day with The right foot in full Bahian weather.

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There's still more. If you are one of those who loves to take a walk to know the local shops, restaurants and shops full of incredible options and souvenirs and handicrafts for those who did not accompany the tour, Hotel Quinta do Sol also has the ideal solution. It is located 1.5 km from the center of Porto Seguro, where you can find everything you need without any difficulty.

Because it is a hotel close to downtown Porto Seguro, Quinta do Sol also has the best location for those who love to eat well and delight in local cuisine, rich in flavors, aromas and textures. Just 400 meters from the best beach huts and the most renowned restaurants in the city, Porto Seguro's gastronomic area has dishes to please the most diverse palates, with options for those who like snacks and delicacies, more elaborate and clear meals, only Enjoy the treats coming straight from the sea to your table.

Make your reservation at Hotel Quinta do Sol and have the best moments of your vacation

So do not waste time searching for hotels. The best and most practical option in Porto Seguro is the Quinta do Sol Hotel. You can still make the reservations directly on the website, obtaining special prices, easy payment conditions and the opportunity to close discount packages.

When you make the direct booking, you still receive the confirmation in time, directly in your email and have the possibility to cancel, if necessary. For more information, please contact our team.

Here at the Quinta do Sol Hotel, all our guests have personalized service in order to guarantee the total satisfaction of all your needs. We look forward to your visit!