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Experience an adventure at Eco Park Arraial D'Ajuda

Imagine a place where you can rest, relax, experience adventures, enjoy all the best attractions of a water park while being close to nature, all just 5km away from the paradisiacal Porto Seguro, Bahia.This place exists and is called Ecological Aquatic Park of Latin America, also known as Eco Park of Arraial D'Ajuda, in reference to the famous district in which the park is located.The area is one of the largest, best and most famous ecological water parks in the world, as well as being featured in Latin America.Let's see if this adventure is for you?

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Ecological Water Park Attractions

Some of the great highlights of the Eco Park of Arraial D'Ajuda are its toboggans and amazing water slides.The favorites of the public are called Uga-Uga and Quereimbaba.While the first is made up of the impressive eight-lane gigantic 26 meter long junction, the second is a pair of Kamikaze style waterfalls over 15 meters high that reach high speed.Tambau also stands out, a toboggan with gigantic track of more than 160 meters of width that contains buoys for up to three people and the spears of an impressive height of 17 meters.In addition, there are also pools for all tastes - deep, shallow, with waves and without waves - for both adults and children, ensuring the fun of the whole family.The menu for the pool fans includes the exclusive Rio Lento, a giant swimming pool with more than 400 meters of extension and rapids, emulating a river in the middle of the park.

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There could also be attractions that involve practicing extreme sports and a greater proximity to nature, trees, leaves, plants, and, of course, under the wonderful sky of Bahia. The zipline with more than 140 meters of extension and 20 meters of the ground is one of the highlights of Eco Park, with the arrival line in the great swimming pool of the place that includes games and other sports, called Lagoa do Oribá.

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There is also a space for tree climbing that is a reference in Latin America, with several obstacles on the trees of the park, 5 meters high, 20 meters long and a super zip line that ends in the same pool special for games.A great differential is that there is also option of tree climbing for children, as long as they are more than 1.30m in height.In fact, children can also have their moments of adventure in the little wandering and scaling, both monitored by qualified professionals.Are you an adrenaline fan and still not satisfied or satisfied? The Eco Park also offers abseiling with 20 meters of breathtaking descent and climbing with 8 meters of height, both with the accompaniment of trained monitors even.Depending on the weather and the tide, there is also the possibility of kayaking in double or individual boats, with the company of one of the instructors who are part of the team of the Park.

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Those who are more relaxed can also take advantage of the sports and cultural activities of Eco Park.The space has volleyball courts and sand football, for those who want to hit a ball with friends, family or even others who are also passing through the Eco Park.Already one of the most popular attractions in the park is the reef aquarium, where visitors can meet animals that integrate the marine life of southern Bahia, see corals and discover how these natural beauties work.Finally, tourists can still enjoy presentations of capoeira and indigenous dance in dates previously scheduled in the official calendar of the park.All this is included in the single passport paid per person to enter there, which does not include transportation, transportation, meal or drink.

Walk to Eco Park in Porto Seguro

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