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Scuba diving in Porto Seguro, Bahia!

Practicing diving is a unique experience in any environment. Practicing scuba diving in Porto Seguro, then, is incomparable to any other underwater tour you can do during your travels. With a sea that has a color and transparency to an almost Caribbean level and a beautiful marine life, including exotic fish and incredible corals, Porto Seguro, in Bahia, is an environment very conducive to practice. Do you miss diving or do you feel like starting? This tour is for you!

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What is Scuba Diving?

The Marine Park of Recife de Fora is one of the greatest natural prides of Brazil. This area of ​​environmental preservation is a great stronghold for the formation of natural pools. Among its charms are exotic and endangered species of algae, mollusks and, of course, many beautiful fish with unbelievable colors, worthy of movie scenes. The sea of ​​Recife de Fora is also a charm apart, with its tone that oscillates between a unique nuance of emerald green and a strong and imposing dark blue.

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The navigation period between the city of Porto Seguro and the Marine Park of Recife de Fora is short - depending on the maritime and climatic conditions, an interval that can vary between 40 minutes and one hour separates the tourist from this Brazilian paradise.Most of the area of ​​Recife de Fora is closed to visitation, precisely because it is a closed area of ​​preservation.However, the small stretch open to the public is worth it.In addition to the impressive visual, the place is also a point where tourists from Brazil and abroad take relaxing and invigorating baths and, of course, snorkeling (that special mask with a breather) and the big hit of the summers of Porto Seguro: the autonomous diving.

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Scuba diving in Porto Seguro

One of the highlights of the region is the tour organized by Quinta do Sol. With departures at around 8 in the morning, the group leaves Porto Seguro for the beautiful port of the city, which offers a unique view with coconut trees and sunshine practically all year round. The boat will sail for about 40 minutes, to the vicinity of Recife de Fora, in the ideal place to dive.

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It is not necessary to take a diving course to participate - this is because a trained instructor will give theoretical lessons to the group that is part of the tour and will assist the tourists with all steps of the process, including basic safety procedures.

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Diving is a unique and hard experience all day, with light lunch options on the boat itself, with incredible views as a backdrop. At the end of the dive, tourists are taken back to Porto Seguro and left outside the hotel.

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