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Top 10 Sightseeing Tours in Porto Seguro

Tourism in Porto Seguro is frequent and high, and one of the most chosen itineraries, whether by couples, students or families. Its natural beauties and welcoming people are just part of the attractions of this region which, it is worth mentioning, always leaves a taste of want more, convincing every tourist to return in a new opportunity.

But what attracts this place? What are the places to see in Porto Seguro? See all you need to know about this tourist city in this article and start planning your trip to Porto Seguro today!

Porto Seguro - The most beautiful Brazilian historical patrimony

Arrival point of the Portuguese in the year 1500, Porto Seguro is now a city listed as historical patrimony. Its alleys and streets tell ancient stories that are completely embellished by beautiful beaches, making the destination one of the most chosen among Brazilians, regardless of their ages or the type of occasion of the trip.

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Always warm, with pleasant temperatures at different times of the year, Porto Seguro usually reaches 42ºC in the summers of the summer and at 25ºC in its not very rigorous winters.

What to do in Porto Seguro? What to know in Porto Seguro? With a little more than 145 thousand inhabitants, according to the last sense, although small the city is rich in options of tours and extremely interesting tours! Its several districts collaborate with a gigantic number of places that can not be left out of programming at all!

Top attractions in Porto Seguro

Discover in this article what are the best tourist attractions in Porto Seguro, Bahia, and mount your tour schedule along the journey right now.

1. Marine Park of Recife de Fora

The Marine Park of Recife de Fora is one of the first tourist attractions to visit in Porto Seguro.

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About 1 hour from the coast of the city, this natural pool is more than 17 kilometers long, most of which is preserved and not open to the public.

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To know the place, you need a lot of attention to the tide. So that the natural pools are more visible and apt to be explored, the schooners depart at times that coincide with the low tide.

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The tour is made of schooner and has an average duration of 4 hours between departure, fun and leisure and return. Take a look at what to bring and more information about this tour! to access

8. Autonomous Diving

What exists under the waters of the sea of ​​Porto Seguro? To have that answer nothing better than a scuba diving trip to discover all of this. The underwater excursions, besides allowing to explore all this new world, also help the visitor to be enchanted even more by the local beauties.

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Baptism - For those who have never dived, baptism is the first dive made after a theoretical and instructional lesson held in the course of the boat to the place indicated for jumping. This dive is the most common, as most visitors do not have enough instruction.

Porto Seguro is undoubtedly a great natural aquarium to visit and it is possible to do these dives in two ways:

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In this way, baptism is a simple way to take an incredible tour, more than unforgettable and completely safe with accredited professionals.

Accredited Diving - The other type of diving is for those who already have experience in diving and can do it on their own. For this, it is essential to have the accreditation of competent bodies.

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Interested in knowing more about this tour? Enjoy to see values ​​and dates and be sure to make your reservation!

2. Praia do Espelho - The 3rd most beautiful beach in Brazil

One of the most sought after destinations in the Brazilian northeast, Praia do Espelho is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Brazil, thanks to its calm waters that mirror both the sun and the moon.

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Among the beauties that make this one of the most beautiful beaches in the region and the country are the cliffs, and, of course, natural pools and many other attractive landscapes.

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To enjoy all this charm, it is possible to do the car ride, on your own, or through the tourism agency of Quinta do Sol.

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This Monday is a more option, and the visitor can enjoy a good day of programming in this way, besides not having to worry about anything. Values, days when it is possible to take the tour and how to make the reservation? See more here!

3. Trancoso

District of Porto Seguro, Trancoso is one of the best known destinations in this region of the Brazilian northeast, since there are numerous walks closed to this place that brings together a lot of natural beauty and fun.

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Trancoso is a unique destination for those seeking to live true emotions and more than unforgettable tips on the beloved and visited Bahia. Discovered in the 70's by hippies, its essence is completely preserved, and is one of the great reasons for the charm that causes the local economy to move.

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Curious to get tips on what to take on this tour? Enjoy and see more information here!

4. Arraial d'Ajuda with Praia de Pitinga

Another important district within Porto Seguro, Arraial d'Ajuda has just over 16 thousand inhabitants in its 7 thousand residences. All the flow of personnel comes from the visitors and tourists who guarantee the movement of the region.

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The tour through Arraial guarantees images and natural pictures that can hardly be seen in other places of Brazil. With many beaches, the visitor can experience observing and bathe in the sea from different points of view.

5. High Crown Marine Park

Going inland, Coroa Alta Marine Park is one of the largest sandbanks located in the middle of the sea that is open to public visitation. Therefore, visitors should not let go of knowing it.

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The walk, which is made of schooner, lasts on average 5 or 6 hours, and should be started early in the morning to take advantage of each landscape and stop for sea bath, mud bath and observation of the coast.

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To get to the Coroa Alta Marine Park, 5 miles from Santa Cruz de Cabrália, it takes around 1 hour.

Besides knowing the park and making strategic stops, the schooner still has as part of its schedule a time that is reserved for the lunch of the passengers and visitors.

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Finally, it is worth noting that during the trips made on the schooner, what is not lacking is fun, good music and aperitifs! See more tips on what to take and other information on this tour!

7. Discovery Route

Porto Seguro was one of the first Brazilian territories to be explored by the Portuguese, and due to all this importance, it is clear that among the many points and sightseeing, some are part of this historical moment of immeasurable importance for the whole nation.

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The Discovering Route takes visitors to know from a replica of the Nau that landed in Brazil in 1500 to the oldest buildings in the city.

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The visit takes place in parts, also, in the Red Crown, an indigenous reservation of pataxós that are the own guides of this visitation. More than knowing a historical place, in this way it is also possible to explore some of the riches of the people who live in the territory much longer than the Brazilian fruits of the miscegenation with other nations.

  • passeio-turistico-coroa-vermelha

The tour lasts around 4 hours and should be started in the morning in order to better take advantage of all the landscapes that are found along the way. Enjoy to see values ​​and dates and make your tour reservation now!

7. By Night on the Catwalk of Discovery

Not only of beaches is Porto Seguro; Moreover, some people say that the nocturnal amusements of the region are even more unforgettable than its warm and calm waters. Whether it is true or not, you can certainly draw your conclusions after a few walks on the Discovery Walkway.

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Also called Passarela do Álcool, after 6:00 pm, Avenida Portugal gains a new meaning and meaning of existence: guarantee a unique bohemian life for those who are in Bahia, enjoying their pleasures and amusements.

Such a custom comes from the 70's, and never died, thanks to locals and tourists who like and want to keep alive this tradition so healthy and consistent.

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For the visitor, it is possible to close a trip to this address in order to enjoy all this with safety and a lot of responsibility. The tours last around 3 hours, and you do not have to worry about having to go back to the hotel by driving, for example, getting free to try the drinks and hot Northeastern drinks.

Want more tips on what to do on this tour? Find out more and have a lot of fun exploring the Passarela do Alcohol safety port!

9. Eco Water Park

Also located in Porto Seguro in the district of Arraial D'Ajuda, Eco Parque Aquático is a perfect option for a lot of joy, adventure, fun and radical walks. Ideal for family outings, friends or couples; Regardless of age, everyone can have fun with this script!

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Considered one of the most important local attractions of Porto Seguro, the Eco Park has numerous swift and impressive water slides. In addition, visitors can also have fun with extreme zipline, climbing, climbing and abseiling activities.

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For those who want more lull, the lazy river pools are great options, as well as the lagoon, sand pit, children's play areas and more. Need more information about the tour? See here!

10. Jaqueira Reserve

Walking along beautiful trails and getting to know a village that is widely involved with an important social project of the region, is one of the tasks to complete the list during the stay in Porto Seguro.

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The Jaqueira Reserve has more than 800 hectares and is rich in culture. Its historical references are a full plate for visitors who enjoy ecotourism in conjunction with legendary narratives.

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From 40 minutes to 2 hours, this tour varies greatly depending on each tour group and each chosen trail. So get more details, such as values, tips and how to book for this amazing ride here!

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Did you like this tour package? As you can see, there are excellent options to enjoy the stay in the city, whether you are looking for tranquility or for excitement and adrenaline.

There is a reason why this city is one of the most searched and visited destinations in Brazil, and certainly these places, some of the most beautiful Brazilian natural territories, are closely linked to these numbers.

Do not waste anymore time! Get to know Porto Seguro in a unique and complete way in a journey that is more than unforgettable.

And if you want more hiking tips in Porto Seguro, or even know more about the places that have already been mentioned here, do not waste any more time: explore each of the tourist attractions in Porto Seguro Bahia, program your days off very well In a special way and that combines with you and also with your ride, and live incredible moments.

Enjoy to contact and schedule everything to enjoy the stay without any worries!