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River Walk to Coroa Alta Marine Park

In the distance, whoever arrives can already see a giant sandbank with a strong orange color, giving rise to a beautiful contrast with the clear blue and crystalline sea that surrounds the great mountain of sand.This beautiful vision is worthy of super cinematographic productions makes the place one of the favorite spots for photographers in the south of Bahia.The Marine Park of Coroa Alta is one of the main tours to do in Porto Seguro and also in Santa Cruz Cabrália, both cities tourist attractions of the Brazilian Northeast that are internationally recognized.The visit to the park is unforgettable as much for its natural beauties as for the obligatory activities for those who pass through the region.

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What to do in Coroa Alta Marine Park

One of the main attractions of the Crown Marine Park is its great diversity of corals, whose fragments are responsible for the formation of the giant sandbank. Coral reefs, with their beauty and color variation, can be seen easily due to the transparent waters of the place and also by the diving activities that can be done in the park. Even for those who like to venture for dives during low tide, diving equipment rentals can be made on arrival.

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Traders from the area are in the vicinity of the pier renting fins in the style of duck foot, snorkel and masks for diving, for an average of 5 reais for each of these items. Dive divers will be able to see, in addition to the aforementioned coral reefs, a sample of the area's rich marine life, which features beautiful, exotic and colorful fish, as well as special guest appearances such as the stars of the sea.

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Speaking at low tide, keep an eye out, because she's responsible for a natural show that takes place at Coroa Alta Marine Park. During these times of the day, natural pool formations take place on the shoals. These pools are great for swimming, snorkeling and seeing the little fish and crustaceans that appear to give a hello to the tourists.

The walk along the sandbars

The tour appears in the list of things to do in Porto Seguro because it starts in Santa Cruz Cabrália - another Bahian paradise that is only 23km from Porto Seguro. The transport happens from schooner, a kind of modern, funky and beautiful sailboat that has two masts. The schooner will follow the historic Rio João de Tiba, famous for the exorbitant amount of oysters that inhabit it. Still inside the boat, visitors will be able to see some corals and the famous mangrove swamps of Coroa Alta Marine Park.

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Then the landing will take place. Tourists will have about an hour free to stroll, walk along the sand banks, take beautiful photographs, get to know the region and observe the fascinating coral reefs, sea stars, fish and hedgehogs that has the privilege of calling paradise home. All visitors will also be invited to take a sea bath in the crystal clear, refreshing waters and at the ideal temperature surrounding the famous sandbar.

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Then the schooner will continue to Santo André Beach, a quiet, peaceful and paradisiac village located about 30 kilometers north of the city of Porto Seguro. There, visitors can stroll, rest, take more photos and know a little more about the daily life of the 800 inhabitants of the region. Those who want to also take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious typical lunch prepared with a lot of affection and whimsy, paying this option aside.

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Finally, the schooner will proceed to an island known as Ilha do Sol or Ilha dos Doces, where it will be offered the tasting of a myriad of typical sweets and special liqueurs, as well as the world famous mud bath in the mangroves of the region, known for being sacred , Rejuvenating and relaxing.

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A different, exotic and ideal ride to recharge your batteries!

Tours in Porto Seguro

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