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Tour of Pitinga Beach - Arraial d'Ajuda

The south coast of Bahia is full of incredible cities, wonderful beaches and well-known tourist towns that, even with small populations, have an almost cosmopolitan agitation in their DNA. This is the case of Trancoso, with its famous music festivals, and Porto Seguro, with its festivals and caravans of graduation trips from all corners of the country.

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Those who are passing through the area often seek a more tranquil corner, where they can relax, get in touch with nature, walk with the family or enjoy more empty and quiet beaches. This is where the beautiful Arraial D'Ajuda enters. District of the city of Porto Seguro, Arraial is separated from its older sister by a brief ferry ride. The visit is well worth it - the site houses historic buildings with unique architecture and a huge diversity of breathtaking beaches with their natural beauties.

Things to do in Arraial D'Ajuda

Despite the tranquility and quiet of Arraial, what is not lacking are fun activities to do and beautiful places to meet. One of the most well-known sights in the area is the church of Arraial D'Ajuda, which is part of the history of Brazil since its time as a colony and is a great stop for anyone who is a fan of historical buildings. This is because the church was the first religious temple in Brazil, being considered the oldest of the country, erected to facilitate the work of the first Jesuits who landed in Tupiniquins lands.

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The architecture impresses! But even for those who are not fans of historical sites, the visit continues to be worthwhile. This is because the church provides one of the best views of the city, ideal for taking pictures or just a little breathe, take a few minutes and contemplate the stunning beauty of Arraial.

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For those who are encouraged with titles - such as "the oldest" or "the most beautiful in Brazil" - a must stop is the Rua do Mucugê, considered by several specialized travel vehicles (and, of course, by the tourists themselves) as " The most beautiful street in Brazil "and also as" the most charming street in Brazil ". This is due to the architecture of the buildings that are scattered along the little street, in addition to the diversity of trees, which are especially beautiful during the spring period.

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For those with an eye on the famous gastronomy of Arraial D'Ajuda, Rua do Mucugê remains the point, because it is where most of the city's restaurants are concentrated. Highlight the crepe and the homemade ice creams from the region, which are highly recommended. There are also excellent oriental food restaurants and bars, many of them with live music. And if you decide to give a chance to the bars of the street, do not forget to taste the cachaças northeastern tasting available in several barezinhos of Arraial. They are delicious and obligatory for those who like it.

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And speaking of restaurants, another excellent place to sample both Bahian cuisine (like vatapá and acarajé) as well as seafood dishes in general is Pitinga Beach. This beach is one of the most famous, popular and bustling in the region, and yet it does not lose the calm, quiet and calm essence that permeates Arraial. Its access is located at the end of Rua Mucugê, so that the tours can be integrated. There, in addition to the great restaurants, the kiosks have an excellent structure to meet the tourists that can rarely be seen in tourist places both in Brazil and abroad.

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The sand is white and fluffy, the kind where the feet sink and help recharge the energies and forget the problems. The waters of the sea are also very blue, practically transparent and in pleasant temperatures all year round. It is possible to take a dip with tranquility, since, in general, the waters in the region are extremely quiet, a calm only.

Tours in Arraial D'Ajuda from Porto Seguro

Those who are strolling in Porto Seguro and want to stretch the trip to Arraial have a great possibility: a trip in the morning leaving the port of a hotel on the seafront in Porto, spending the day in Arraial and returning to the end Of the day to Porto Seguro. With all the tranquility, competence and security, those who take this tour can go to Arraial D'Ajuda and stroll through the city center, where you can take your pictures, shop and learn about the history of the city.

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The tour also includes a visit to the famous church of Arraial and a climb to the lookout of the city, which has a beautiful view and indispensable for tourists who decide to make a visitinha. Finally, the tour closes with a golden key, taking tourists to Pitinga Beach. There will be lunch at one of the best restaurants in the area. After eating and resting, tourists can spend the rest of the day relaxing in Pitinga, which is a beach with a face of paradise and tranquility of the interior. The shuttle will take guests back to the hotel in Porto Seguro at the end of the tour.

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