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Mirror Beach is the third best in the country and certainly the best in the region of Porto Seguro, on the coast of the state of Bahia. The name of the attraction is due to the beach waters, extremely clear, clean and crystalline, that end up becoming a mirror of water when the tide descends and forms sand banks. In addition, another strong feature that draws attention is related to the coloring of the water, which turns white or reddish when approaching the cliffs of the beach.

The best beach in Porto Seguro is home to unsurpassed natural beauties. It is considered exotic and quiet, with classifications that positions it among the three best of the Brazilian coast. Considering that our coastline is more than 7,400 kilometers long, being a well-known beach is not an easy task, is it?

Praia do Espelho - 3rd Most Beautiful Beach in Brazil

In fact, it can be said that Praia do Espelho, in Porto Seguro, Bahia, is impressive. Visitors who know the destination fall in love and always want to return to enjoy the delights that the place can offer for those seeking peace, quiet and breathtaking landscapes to admire.

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Also in this article you can learn more about Mirror Beach and Curuípe beach in Porto Seguro, Bahia, as well as destinations in the region and some unforgettable excursion options to make the most of the experience that this wonderful region has to offer. Can offer tourists.

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In addition to the natural beauties, visitors usually approve almost unconditionally the services of professionals who work at the seaside in the region. This includes kiosks, stalls, bars, restaurants, vendors and other service providers that make life easier for the on-site visitors. Tourists do not fail to praise the drinks, dishes and other possibilities that only one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Brazil can offer to their demanding and passionate visitors.

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Due to its natural and exotic beauties, the beach is also one of the favorite destinations for couples who are honeymooners. After all, you can enjoy each other with the tranquility of a little piece of the Brazilian coastline to take your breath away. For these and other reasons, Praia do Espelho is considered the best in the region of Porto Seguro - Bahia and its surroundings, becoming a mandatory destination for visitors who decide to visit the entire region of the Discovery Coast.

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Want more? Click here and get to know the five most beautiful beaches of the Region of Porto Seguro, Bahia, of which Mirror Beach is part and is the most beautiful.

Those who visit Mirror Beach on the coast of Bahia certainly do not forget the experience, feel like coming back and still recommend to friends, neighbors and relatives to get to know them too. By exploring the mirrors of water, tourists can gain access to highly crystalline waters, formations of coral reefs and fishes possible to see with the naked eye, in a possible experience of living in very few destinations in the country.

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Those who choose to get to know this destination can prepare themselves for beautiful landscapes and strong emotions all the way to arrival. On the way to get to Espelho Beach, tourists pass by the deserted beach of Satu, another beautiful destination, but that is small near the beauty of Praia do Espelho, in Porto Seguro Bahia.

Visitors also highlight the pleasant water temperature of Praia do Espelho, ideal for relaxation and for visits with the right of tranquility and, at the same time, contemplation of magnificent scenarios that include cliffs, reefs, beautiful coconut trees and also gastronomy for all tastes, From the simplest to the most sophisticated, which attracts the interest of thousands of tourists from Brazil and also from abroad. Still with regard to gastronomy, the price practiced in the region is fairly fair and rating "note 10" by the visitors.

Unforgettable tours

It's no use going to the Discovery Coast, on the coast of Bahia, and not doing some of the tours that make the trip worth much more. Therefore, we now present an unforgettable tour that every tourist should do when visiting the region of Porto Seguro Bahia and visit the third most beautiful beach in Brazil - Mirror Beach.

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This tour starts at 8 o'clock in the morning and runs until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The road is long - it's about two hours by road, but the landscapes that lead to the final destination are equally unforgettable, and make this time all pass unnoticed.

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The tour starts when visitors depart from Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel, the best of Porto Seguro, Bahia, in a comfortable executive van with air conditioning and extremely comfortable armchairs. Along the way, the vehicle passes by the buffalo farm and makes a stop at the Village of Imbirituba.

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In this place, tourists can have access to a "lesson" of Brazilian culture by making contact with native natives of the place, knowing their way of life and all the beautiful crafts that they produce, before traveling to Praia do Espejo. Once visitors get to know the village, they return to the van and continue the journey towards the unforgettable and fascinating Mirror Beach.

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The tour is completely guided by highly trained guides. When the vehicle arrives at Praia do Mirror, there is a pause at a beach hut where the professionals will talk a little about the destination and give some recommendations on how to enjoy the ride properly. Take advantage of the guides' advice: they know the best places in Mirror Beach and can give you an interesting panorama of how to enjoy every second of your trip through this paradisiacal region.

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Before entering the water itself, the guides take a walk with the visitors through the sand of Mirror Beach and comment on the characteristics and beauties of the place that, extremely preserved, provoke all kind of positive reaction in visitors and tourists from Brazil and Outside.

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Calm down there! The entrance to the water of Mirror Beach, the exploration to the region where the coral reefs are and the contemplation of the beautiful and colorful fishes visible to the naked eye are only for the afternoon. Before, tourists are driven back to the beach hut so they can taste a typical tasty lunch. The options are varied, but certainly the most famous dish and order of the place is the delicious Fish in the Tile, a specialty of the cooks who work at Mirror Beach - do not forget to try it!

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Whether for honeymooning couples, whole families, groups of friends and other visitors, the tour is unforgettable, and the natural beauties of Mirror Beach are striking. At low tide, especially during periods of full moon, the best beach in the region of Porto Seguro offers an unforgettable view of water mirrors, cliffs where the water turns reddish color, coral reefs in an impressive state of conservation, Infinity of species of fish that swim through the shallow waters of the sandbanks and become one of the main attractions for tourists.

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The blue sea, the cleanliness and the conservation of the beach, the white sand, the reefs and goldfish leave tourists always very satisfied with the beautiful promenade. Just look at destination review sites to see that Mirror Beach, the third most beautiful in Brazil, is almost unanimous among the most varied types of visitors. It is a great demand for those who wish to temporarily abandon the stress of everyday life in big cities and forget the world in a landscape worthy of paradise.

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Count on the facilities offered by Quinta do Sol Praia

Visitors who have reservations at Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel can plan their tours directly through the hotel's website and get exclusive discounts for any destination. This is a facility that only the best hotel in Porto Seguro, Bahia, can offer you, tourist.

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Click here to know more about each of the tours, to know the costs and procedures required to make reservations at the most sought after destinations in the Porto Seguro region and do not forget the Espelho Beach - the most beautiful beach in the area and one of the most Beautiful from all over the country.

Guarantee your best accommodation in Porto Seguro

The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is the best in the entire region of Porto Seguro, Bahia.This is because, in addition to having the best location, facing the beach of Curuípe, its large and comfortable suites have balconies with a spectacular view of the sea.In addition to its physical characteristics, the hotel also offers room service of the highest standard of excellence, with minibar, air conditioning, cable TV, room service, breakfast, high speed wi-fi, king and queen beds Size of American standard and other exclusive advantages to enjoy the tours and destinations of the region of the Discovery Coast in the best way possible and without spending more than necessary.

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