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Get to know Porto Seguro and discover the whole history

The city of Porto Seguro is a beauty, a true jewel of the Brazilian coast. For all who appreciate the sea, the warmth and the natural beauties of the Bahia region, it is undoubtedly a must-see place. Tranquil and full of life, the city holds wonderful and unforgettable points such as the Historic Center of Porto Seguro, the Upper City of Porto Seguro and of course, the famous lighthouse of Porto Seguro.

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The many beaches guarantee refreshing dives in a place where the sun shines strong all year round. There are also excellent city tour options in Porto Seguro, with the aim of showing all the little places and wonders that hide in this beautiful region.

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Porto Seguro still reserves a lot of fun and well being for those who love to enjoy life. Its many bars, restaurants of typical food and nightlife, are an attraction apart. But those who enjoy most every moment of their stay in the city are undoubtedly the guests of Hotel Quinta do Sol, who get their place in the sun and a breathtaking view of the Bahian Sea.

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But what few people know is that Porto Seguro can offer much more than sunshine and fresh water. The region, the birthplace of Brazil, is a great place to learn about our own history. Therefore, going to this city and not knowing the Route of Discovery of Brazil is something that can not be considered by any tourist.

After all, betting on this tour is to take a trip back in time, getting to know the Zero Landmark of the country's history and discovering the first steps taken by the Portuguese over 500 years ago.

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To know more information about how much the tour costs and how to book, visit the website of the tourism agency that has a partnership with the Hotel Quinta do Sol:

Discover the entire Discovery Route, a must-see!

The route of discovery is one of the most famous and sought after by those who visit Porto Seguro, Bahia. That's why we at the Hotel Quinta do Sol team make it even easier and more relaxed for our guests to deliver a totally positive and unforgettable experience.

The groups leave directly from the hotel in a panoramic and comfortable bus, which allows a perfect view of all of Porto Seguro. In it, it is possible to make a complete city tour in the main sights of the city, knowing places like the historical city and the famous Red Crown in Santa Cruz de Calabria. Then the groups make a mandatory stop at an important landmark of the city, the Memorial of Discovery.

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There, it is possible to take a trip to the past and learn all the details of the history of the discovery of Brazil, including the presentation of a perfect replica of the Nau, in which Pedro Álvares Cabral sailed to Brazil. At this same point, tourists visit the Memorial of the Epic of Discovery, full of memories, data and historical pieces.

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After this stop in time, tourists continue the tour, getting to know the beautiful Orla north of Porto Seguro to Coroa Vermelha, in which is located one of the most iconic churches of our country. For all those who have faith, the Holy Cross of Calabria, present in this place, is one of the highlights of the tour, because it represents where the first Mass was held in Brazil.

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Around, on a wide boardwalk located on Cora Vermelha Beach, tourists can still enjoy to know and buy pieces of local craftsmanship, made by locals, indigenous people and artists from all over the city of Porto Seguro. This is a great time to get to know the local culture and bring souvenirs to all the people you love.

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For those who want to know more about the subject, it is possible to visit the Museum of Discovery in Porto Seguro, the most famous and sought after museum in Porto Seguro.

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Technical information about the Discovery Route tour

The Discovery Route tour leaves the hotel directly at 8am and returns to the same place in the late afternoon at 5pm. During this period, it is possible to make a complete turn around the city of Porto Seguro, to know its most beautiful and sought after points and to go even deeper into the history of the discovery of Brazil.

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How much is the tour of the Brazil Discovery Route? Much less than you know. For more information, go to:

How to book the tour?

Book directly on the agency's website, or contact us.

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For those who want more advantages on their trip to Porto Seguro, we suggest that you book your accommodation directly at the Hotel Quinta do Sol. Thus, it is possible to get exclusive discounts on the purchase of any tourist tour. For more information, visit this article .