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Meet Trancoso in Porto Seguro - Bahia

A good definition for Trancoso, a district of the tourist city of Porto Seguro, Bahia, is almost obvious: paradise. The title of paradise is not just the beautiful beaches, which seem to be even a small part of the Caribbean on the Brazilian coast. Trancoso has a delicious vibe with an almost magical atmosphere. Generously treated by nature, the city is rich in vegetation, beaches with soft white sand, and, of course, that clear and crystalline blue sea, where you can swim, dive, recharge your energies and stay in touch with the nature.

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In addition, Trancoso also owns the Square, a small historic center that is as famous as its beaches. The town is also famous for its lively beach clubs, or "beach clubs," which are decks and tents scattered along the beachfront where DJs play the best of the current music charts and where tourists from Brazil and abroad know each other , Dance, have fun and talk. The three-hour trek to Arraial D'Ajuda - another Bahian paradise - is also a special attraction for anyone who places Trancoso on their itinerary in Porto Seguro.

What to do in Trancoso, Bahia?

If you are going to visit Trancoso, an absolutely indispensable point is the square, center of the village that refers to the architecture of the XVII century and is very beautiful, pleasant and charming, being a great scenery for photos and shopping. The Square is full of well preserved historical houses painted in different colors, giving the scenery a magical and cozy aura. The streets are also adorned with large almond trees that look especially beautiful during the spring. Over there, the tourist will find the church of St. John, built in 1656, and a lookout, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the city.

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The square's houses function as great restaurants and craft shops - and this, in turn, is one of the great highlights of the region. As most tourists spend the day enjoying the beautiful beaches and only visit bars and restaurants at dusk, most establishments in the region open their doors only late in the afternoon. Even so, it is possible to find nice and well-known restaurants to have lunch there.

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Choosing the beaches to visit in Trancoso can be a complicated mission, since one is more beautiful than the other. One thing is certain: they are all breathtaking from anyone! It is possible to take a nice walk between the beaches, go by car taking the exits that do not pass through the Square or take the tour with a tourist agency. Whatever your choice of locomotion, be sure to visit the Praia dos Nativos, where the Trancoso river flows and forms a natural lagoon.

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Tour in Trancoso, Porto Seguro, Bahia

For those who are staying in Porto Seguro, but would like to know Trancoso, Quinta do Sol offers a package with a great value, which is an irrefutable opportunity to stretch your trip. The tour, offers transfer that leaves the door of the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel around 8 in the morning.

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Then the tour continues to Trancoso, where the first stop is the charming Square. In addition to being able to get to know the restaurants, handicraft shops and the church of São João Batista, the tourists that are part of the group will also have a guide specialized in the region that will explain the whole history of the Square and will remove all doubts.

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With this setting of natural beauties, year-round warmth, good gastronomy and unique charm, Trancoso is also a famous destination for wedding parties. The beaches of Coqueiros, Nativos and Rio Verde are the most sought after, especially the resorts and beach clubs like the Café de La Musique, Uxua, Villa Trancoso and Estrela d'Água. But due to the increase in ceremony for ceremonies in the region, it is advisable to plan ahead and book the dates.

Centrinho and night life

After a day of sun, diving, hiking and quiet, the late afternoon is the best time to visit the historic center of Trancoso. As much of the local trade only opens after 5pm, getting to know the surroundings of the Square during the day can be a bit empty.

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Similar to every Portuguese village, this village grew around the central square, where the Church of St. John the Baptist is surrounded by a square of colorful houses. The Square Church of Trancoso, built in 1656, is simple and extremely charming. As was the custom at the time, it has its back to the sea, and just behind the building there is a belvedere with one of the most beautiful views of the region. The church is open for visitation, but it is not allowed to enter with swimsuits.

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While part of the colorful houses is still inhabited by locals, another part is currently occupied by handicraft shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, designer boutiques, etc..When the sun goes down and the city lights are on, this region becomes the "point" where everyone meets.In the center of the district do not circulate cars, then visitors and natives walk on the sidewalks of the Square.It is possible to enjoy the typical Bahian cuisine as well as international gastronomy.During the season, all the houses open and there is a party for all tastes, such as the forró in São Brás, the Bom Bar bands or electronic music in the Fly Beach Club.

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At the end of the tour, if only one day is not enough for you to enjoy all the wonders that Trancoso can offer, the village and paradisiacal beaches will be waiting for you for a second or third day, and also for the next vacation!