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The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is a three star resort hotel located on Curuípe Beach, Porto Seguro, Bahia. The hotel offers a great strategic location, close to important points of the city like the Center and the airport, a service of high standard, comfort and tranquility in the lodging, but the differentials do not stop there.

Guests at the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel can get exclusive discounts on sightseeing tours throughout the Porto Seguro region. For this, it is enough that the visitor makes his reservation of the lodging directly by the site of our hotel ( With this, the tourist is entitled to an exclusive discount of 10% in the total value of his tour.

This is an exclusive advantage for Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel customers who make their reservations through the official website of the company - the tourist will not get these same prices in other hotels and not even in orders made by online booking sites - this is a commitment of the Quinta do Sol with its guests: offer, in addition to the best services and the best prices, exclusive discounts so that visitors can make the most of their trips.

The advantages of booking directly through the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel website do not stop there. Want to know more? Click HERE and know all the differentials of our online reservations.

Exclusive discount tours

Our hotel offers exclusive discounts of 10% for guests who make their reservation directly on our website ( ). See below the available destinations and a brief description of each one of them - all are unforgettable!

Recife de Fora

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The Marine Park of Recife de Fora is an unforgettable stop for those who visit the region of Porto Seguro. In it, the tourist can dive into an extremely well preserved area with crystal clear waters, colorful reefs and fish visible to the naked eye.

Praia do Espelho

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Praia do Espelho is another of the most visited and popular destinations in the Porto Seguro region. Access is made exclusively by special vans that take visitors to a magnificent beach, with calm waters and unforgettable cliffs.


  • trancoso-bahia-13

The Vila de Trancoso is a quiet, preserved, charming and at the same time intense foundation of the time of Portuguese colonization. Full of typical buildings and beautiful beaches, the village is worth a visit and is extremely sought after by tourists from all over the country.

Unforgettable places!

Arraial d'Ajuda and Pitinga Beach

  • pontos-turisticos-porto-seguro-64

Arraial d'Ajuda is one of the main tourist attractions in the region of Porto Seguro. The place counts on resorts, beautiful attractions in ecotourism, highlighting the Pitinga Beach - much sought after for weddings - and a very lively nightlife.

High Crown

  • passeio-fluvial-parque-marinho-de-coroa-alta-30

The Coroa Alta Marine Park is 5 nautical miles away from the city of Santa Cruz de Cabrália. There tourists can enjoy a breathtaking scenery with an immense sandbank and red coral reefs on a beautiful schooner ride.

Route of the Discovery

  • memorial-da-epopeia-do-descobrimento-em-porto-seguro-bahia-4

Discovery Route : A history lesson of the Brazilian colonization in the region of Porto Seguro, Bahia. The route goes from Porto Seguro to Santa Cruz de Cabrália and contemplates beautiful natural and architectural landscapes, with 500 years of history and preservation.

Natural and Historical Beauties

Scuba Diving

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Here visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the beautiful and extremely diverse marine life of the Porto Seguro region. In a magnificent autonomous diving, tourists can fall in love with the aquatic beauties of our coast.

Water park

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Eco Park is also one of the attractions contemplated by the exclusive discounts of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel. Come and discover a place to forget the world and enjoy delicious water activities with your family and friends.

Jaqueira Reserve

  • reserva-pataxo-da-jaqueira-porto-seguro-3

In the Pataxó do Jaqueira Reserve , the natives receive tourists and show them some of their traditional activities. There are 827 hectares of native forest available so visitors can learn more about Brazilian root culture.

Discover these and other tourist destinations in the region of Porto Seguro, Bahia. Access this our article on The 10 Best Tourist Tours of Porto Segura and have more information about obligatory and very well-evaluated stops in the region.

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