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Tired of the stressful day-to-day routine? Want to travel? Come to Porto Seguro, on the coast of Bahia! The city is fascinating, the beaches are wonderful and the nightlife is contagious. But remember that before traveling, it is always important to plan absolutely everything so that things happen in the best (and cheapest) way possible, without any unforeseen circumstances.

When you book your hotel, access the website of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel (, a company belonging to the Quinta do Sol hotel group. When you make your reservation directly on our official website, you will be guaranteed the lowest price .

We are committed to always offering the best price

The guarantee of the lowest rate and the best relation between cost and benefit is one of the commitments of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel with its guests.Therefore, do not make reservations in Porto Seguro hotels without first accessing our website and checking our exclusive offers that will surely give you the lowest price guaranteed.You can even search on online booking sites like Decolar.With, Booking.With or Expedia, but do not book in these places. By booking directly on our website, you have the real price, without additional fees, besides winning 10% discount on tourist tours, which leaves the reservation much cheaper than on internet sites.

Hotel bookings generally include additional fees which, together with the rate, make up the total price of the room reservation. When the visitor accesses the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel website, he will be sure to reserve his room at the full price with all taxes included, without secrets or without "small letters" - it is ethical, transparent, respectful and honest with Our guests to always ensure the best services and certainly the best price.

Booking sites - please inquire, but book with us

It is common for tourists to visit webhosting websites before they travel to learn more about the facilities of the hotels and find out the opinions of other visitors who have stayed there. Our company encourages this practice and even has very high ratings on these sites by our customers and guests.

However, we emphasize that it is important to make the reservation directly on the official website of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel. Sometimes hotel web sites suppress some fees or leave additional costs only for the time of collection at the end of the booking, which may leave guests uninformed. That is, the guest thinks the room has a price, when in fact it is more expensive.

For example: Room X costs $ 300 to be booked. Some online booking sites can display this room online at the price of $ 270, attracting the interest of the visitor, who feels influenced to make the reservation. When you make the reservation at this price, the remaining R $ 30 will be added at some later time, either at check-in or at some part of the site's payment, which is classified as an "additional fee".

Ethics, transparency and honesty with our guests

As we believe in honesty and transparency with our guests, Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel already publishes in its official website the total value of the room, without "fees" or without any other hidden cost - everything is duly detailed for the fair analysis of the visitor In their quotation. Remember that our company has the best price guaranteed, that is, it comes out much cheaper to book directly with us than anywhere else. Do not miss out and get to know!

Visit and get to know our exclusive offers, the special discounts on tours and the rooms of high standard with a view to the sea.