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Prices that may be more expensive than they seem

It turns out that to attract customers, it is common for these sites to take the initiative to modify some prices, in order to make them apparently more economical. For example, a room whose daily cost is $ 300 can be offered in these sites for the price of $ 250. As the tourist sees the lowest price and finds it attractive, he ends up making the reservation.

However, at the later time of making the payment, he discovers that hosting is not only costing $ 250. When you go to pay, the booking site ends up including in your package some fees not mentioned previously that will leave the room with its price Of market R $ 300, or even more expensive, depending on the contracting conditions of the service.

This practice is common among many booking sites, and if the guest does not pay attention, he may end up paying more when in fact the solution to this problem is much simpler than he imagines: just go directly to Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel and look for the REAL price of your lodging by the sea.

Commitment to honesty and transparency with guests

To have access to the best beachfront accommodation on the north shore of Porto Seguro, Bahia, visitors do not have to worry about "panning" offers on online booking sites. It's very simple: just go to our official website ( ), search for the room that best suits your budget and travel plan and you're done! Reservation made successfully, best price guaranteed, 10% discount on all tours of Porto Seguro, all taxes included, no surprises, no additional charges and no headache.

Honesty, ethics and transparency are our greatest commitments, and certainly one of the differentials of Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel, which makes it so dear to our guests and so well evaluated in the tourist sites of the internet. We guarantee our customers an excellent value for money, offering suites of the highest quality at fair prices, not to mention the high standard of service and the services performed with the highest quality in order to ensure satisfaction to our guests.

The best lodging and the best price - no surprises

Do not make your reservation without first accessing our website: There are six different room types to cater to any demands of our guests, from couples to entire families. Are with sea view in the best location on the waterfront of Porto Seguro, Bahia.There are only 50 rooms, guaranteeing tranquility and a personalized service for you, your family and friends, also having an excellent breakfast and other services of excellence.And do not stop there: we have travel agents that offer tours of the region of Porto Seguro with exclusive discounts.

Do not lose money and do not have any surprises when it comes to paying: choose Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel and make your reservation directly on our official website. Always have a good trip!